Overton Organic Eggs 

Based in Arlingham, just in the horseshoe of the River Severn and 12 miles from Gloucester Services, a flock of 5,700 happy hens live under the caring eyes of husband and wife team, Andrew and Lucy Martin.
Here at Gloucester Services, we've been stocking Overton Organic Eggs since we opened back in 2014. Their delicious eggs are organically certified and laid by hens whose welfare standards are accredited by the renowned and respected Soil Association.
They are governed by the Soil Association standard which means the birds live under the highest welfare standards, for instance they do not have their beaks tipped, have more space in their houses and on their perches. They are free to range during daylight hours and will be allowed access to pasture by 10 to 12 weeks of age. 
Their hens are Lohmann Browns; a standard red and brown chicken. The hens roam outdoors in the sunshine at will, drink water from water troughs and peck at grass all day, every day. It’s no surprise that they produce such tasty, golden yolks.
Since December 2016 though, the happy hens have been temporarily banned from going outside due to restrictions currently in place, introduced by the UK government, to prevent the spread of bird flu. 
Back on the farm, Lucy described how the ban is not impacting their fantastically high welfare standards; explaining that the birds are currently in a variety of housing, some of which has been specially built to provide plenty of extra space for the birds whilst they are inside. The buildings have been designed for the hens to scratch, root around and play, just as they would outside, until the ban is lifted and they can return to the pretty pastures on the side of the banks of the river.
 "Buying organic eggs is a consumer choice. By doing so, people are choosing to support the welfare of the bird. An organic egg is produced by a happy hen, and we would not produce our eggs in any other way.” Lucy
We think Overton Organic Eggs are a delicious natural product, perfect for the breakfast table, and ideal for baking up a storm on the 28th of February for Pancake Day!


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