Gloucester Farmshop

Opening times: 6.30am - 10.00pm

Butcher's Counter: 8.00am - 7.00pm

The heart of Gloucester Services is arguably our farmshop. The tradition of farmshops on the motorway has grown out of the Dunning family's passion for local produce. When the original farmshops opened at Tebay Services, in 2004, they were a first for the UK motorway network. Tebay Services are very much part of the landscape that they nestle within and it is this sense of place, represented by the local food and craft that we sell, that we are so proud of.

At Gloucester, we want to give that same sense of place to the traveller; for them to see products that are unique or special to the area and the landscape that surrounds them. We are not a chain that rolls out a range across its sites. Instead it is important to us that we offer products of Gloucestershire for Gloucestershire. To this end we have found products from over 130 local suppliers (within 30 miles) and 70 regional suppliers (30-50 mile radius). At Tebay, our roots are in the family farm that supplies meat to our butchers' counter; at Gloucester all our meat will be sourced from the county. Of course a farmshop in Gloucestershire would not be complete without a good selection of locally pressed fruit juices, ales and ciders, seasonal soft fruits and artisan bread. The focus of the deli counter is homemade pies made especially for us and in the cheese counter pride of place is given to Johnathan Crumps Single and Double Gloucester cheeses. Where else, other than Tebay, will you find fresh bread supplied by award winning local artisan bakeries, Hobbs House and Bertinet? There are many other delights in store, but perhaps we'll let you enjoy finding those things out for yourself and maybe share them with others.

Our Butcher's Counter

Not content with just a farmshop in our motorway services, we've also created a traditional butcher's counter within the shop where our skilled staff are always on hand to offer advice and prepare meat to your specifications.

We pride ourselves on being an old-fashioned butchers, hanging our meat on the bone for up to three weeks and offering traditional cuts of meat. From sirloin on the bone and t-bone steaks cut just as you like them to seasonal specialities such as sweetbreads.